Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ode to the Sweet Potato

I am excited about Thanksgiving coming up, because I will be able to get a ton of sweet potatoes for $.19/lb again.

Growing up I'd only ever had candied yam atrocities, with the marshmallow, you know the one. It is one of my least favorite foods ever. Ick. So I never knew the joy of the simple sweet potato. take away all of that gunk, and you have something wonderful, & chock full of good for you.

Some Favorites Ways of enjoying them:
Baked any of the following ways: plain, butter & cinammon, seasoned salt, tamari & sesame seeds



Baked Fries


Burritos with chickpeas

I also love the way they smell when they are baking. Mmmmm, sweet.

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